5 alternative Internet Service Providers to Rogers in Oshawa, Ontario.

Finding the right telecommunication provider is always going to depend on what are your actual needs. So before we dive in and explore 5 alternative Internet service providers to Rogers in Oshawa, Ontario, it’s good to have in mind throughout this article what are your expectations. We are going to have a look at EBOX, Distributel, Bell, Start.ca, and Execulink.

All of the above are Canadian telecommunication service providers, and each of them can be a reliable choice. Today the world is more connected to technology than in all of our history. It’s stunning to see how it shapes the world and interferes in all domains. Maybe you are opening your first office, or, you are just about to move to your new apartment or house. Let’s see what the main features of our picks are.


EBOX uses facilities that have the latest technology to provide unmatched quality products to its customers. All of their equipment is protected by robust firewalls (security systems) that are operated by their teams. They have been in service for over 20 years, and they are part of the top 20 fastest growing Canadian enterprises being opened seven days a week.

What services are offered by EBOX?

Internet : the Internet is essential for all, and the speed of it should be the main criteria that you check. EBOX has both Cable and DSL connections. The slowest download speed that you can get with their plans is 6 Mbit/s, and we recommend that if you check emails, watch YouTube or browse sites. If you want to have multiple users connected at the same time, their higher speed plans need to be your choice.

Home Phone : the EBOX telephone plans are user-friendly, so this means not a lot of time is spent in order to understand them. They all have free calls for their subscribers and cool features like Voicemail, Caller ID, and a few more. The main difference between the plans is that the higher cost one has unlimited Canada and US calls together with long distance for 72 countries.

Note that EBOX only offers Internet and home phone services. It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on EBOX’s website.

2. Distributel

Distributel has almost 30 years of experience in offering telecommunication services to Canadians. Their approach is a consultative one, and they aim to bring the right option for each customer. The company is known for wanting to offer the best overall value in this industry by focusing on quality, range of plans, and price.

What services are offered by Distributel?

Internet : any Internet user knows that slow speeds can be frustrating, especially when you are working on something important. Distributel knows that and offers multiple plans with unlimited monthly usage. Their basic one is great for streaming and online gaming and has a download speed of 75 Mbps. If you know you have multiple users using the same connection, and you plan to download data go for a faster speed plan from them.

Television : the starter plan from Distributel has all the basic channels that you would expect together with local ones. This is why they also considered bringing certain add ons that can be added to any of the pack they have. So if you like documentaries and sports, it is going to be easy to add them to the pack you are thinking about.

Home Phone : being able to speak with a friend of family is important. Distributel has different plans that offer unlimited local calling and long-distance minutes in Canada and the USA. Helpful features like Voice mail are available, especially when you want to hear what you might have missed. Just check them out and go for the features that you are in real need.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Distributel ‘s website.

3. Bell

Bell is a big Canadian telecommunication company that is located in Montreal. It is one of the leaders of this industry, and they focus on providing advanced broadband communications services. They are investing a lot in expanding Canada’s broadband fiber having huge investments of billions done each year. They are a premium provider with a rich history.

What services are offered by Bell?

Internet : Bell has a lot of Internet plans that people can check and see which one helps them the most. What is amazing is their premium plan that has a speed of up to 1 Gbps, so this means you can do anything from downloading HD movies to online gaming. Their more basic plans are not so fast but are still suitable for moderate Internet use.

Television : for the TV plans that this company offers, you can see they bring starter packages together with the option of building your own. Many channels are in 4k, and choosing only what you want and like, you will create a fantastic TV experience for yourself. Just have a look at all of their TV channel list, you are going to find what you need.

Home Phone : the home phone plans are simple and easy to understand. The basic one offers unlimited local calling, but you don’t get calling features and long-distance free minutes. For that, you need to go for a high paid plan where you can choose from 8 calling features and have better rates for long distance calls.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Bell’s website.

4. Start.ca

Peter Rocca and Darryl Olthoff are the guys behind Start.ca. They’ve known each other since college, and from back then they wanted to create their own company. What they did was to look at the values they believe in and put them all together in Start.ca, a telecommunication company. They have been in service for more than 20 years now and intend to be in the upcoming years.

What services are offered by Start.ca?

Internet : their internet packages include 24 hr support, no contracts, and no-haggle pricing. So this is already some cool benefits that we get from Start.ca. The plans cover all kinds of download speeds and start from 30 Mbps reaching up to 250 Mbps. If you like to download movies and play online games, it is probably better to go for faster Internet speed. If you use the Internet, moderate than a basic plan is going to be enough.

Television : their TV plans are great and feature their app. The basic package has 40 channels, including all the major networks and local one and their recommendation plan offer 80 plus channels including action movies, sports, lifestyle, and more. If you want, you can also add different theme channels like cooking, science depending on your preference.

Home Phone : Start.ca offers phone packages that come with cool features like call forwarding, 3-way calling, or voicemail. The main criteria for making plans different is given by what long-distance calls you can make. Their top package has unlimited calling to 65 countries while the basic one has unlimited calling just in Canada. It is also good to know that the setup is free!

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Start.ca’s website.

5. Execulink

This company is one of the leading telecommunication providers in Ontario. It was launched back in 1904, so we can say it has a rich history. As time went by, Execulink went through different merges and renamings, but it still managed to be loyal to its mission. They provide their services to all levels of industries and have over 50000 customers.

What services are offered by Execulink?

Internet : in terms of Internet plans, Execulink offers multiple options for its clients. The basic ones have speeds between 6 and 30 Mbps and are ideal for moderate usage, checking email and social media, or online gaming. They use Cable or DSL (this option is usually slower). The fastest plan they offer has a speed of 250 Mbps and is excellent for heavy usage, downloading music, streaming, and more.

Television : what we need to mention about Execulink is, of course, their theme packs. For sure, you can go for a basic plan, but creating your own is more fun and diverse. They have so many options to choose from that it is going to be quite hard to say you don’t know what to watch on your TV. Execulink has many theme packs waiting for you.

Home Phone : their home phone plans use VoIP. This means that the Internet is going to be the medium that you use to send or receive calls compared with the classic telephone lines. They have free calling features included like call display, speed calling, and call display, and this makes it very reliable. With their Long Distance calls, you can stay connected with friends or family due to their affordable options.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Execulink’s website.

Conclusion !

In conclusion, after we had a look at some of the biggest internet providers like EBOX, Distributel, Bell, Start.ca and Execulink, it should be a bit more more comfortable for you to make a choice. We can say for sure that this 5 alternative Internet service providers to Rogers in Oshawa, Ontario, can be adapted to different user needs, and they seem to be constantly improving their approach.

Note down what you liked and what didn’t impress you to get closer to your final decision.

Good to know

In Canada, the telecommunication industry has two types of provider. There are the direct suppliers, they are the owners of the lines. Among them, there are Rogers, Bell and Shaw, for instance. Then there are the resellers. They use direct provider lines to provide service to their customers. For the internet, the service you get between a direct and indirect provider is similar. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technologies that mostly translates to speed or TV options. If you opt for a reseller, you will have the visit of an installer of an owner company to connect your service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), to keep in mind!

It is important to note that although a business is available in a region, some addresses may not be covered unfortunately. Always check with an agent to confirm service availability.

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