5 alternative Internet Service Providers to Shaw and Telus in Chilliwack and Abbotsford, BC

If you live in Chilliwack or Abbotsford, BC, and you think about getting a new Internet service provider, then for sure, you need to research the ones that are available at your address. You might to go for something other than the bigger companies that we are used to such as Telus or Shaw. Today there are a lot of options that can help you with this, and we are about to check Distributel, TekSavvy, Xplornet, Primus, and VMedia. As we live in a world that is connected all the time, we must go for the services that help us with our needs the most.

This is why probably the best way to start your search is to be aware of what are your expectations regarding the telecommunication services you want to submit to. After that, it will be easier to spot the advantages you are looking for from the providers that you check. Let’s find out more!

1. Distributel

Distributel has been active since 1988, and even though they started as just a long-distance call provider now, they are a full-service telecommunications company. They have offices all across the country and are always looking for ways to expand their business. Distributel has different meaningful partnerships and great staff that bring a lot of value to their customers.

What services are offered by Distributel?

Internet : it is quite easy to figure out what Internet packages should you choose from Distributel. The more basic ones have a download speed of 15 Mbps / 50 Mbps. They are great for playing online games, streaming HD movies, or downloading music if you need instant downloads and have multiple devices or users connected at the same time go for the higher paid plans.

Television : for somebody that watches TV, Distributel offers some great packages and themes. Their top package has more than 110 channels included, and on top of that, you can also add different themes like sports, kids, and more to create your unique mix. So you should be happy and be able to enjoy all your favourite content with one of the packages they have to offer.

Home phone : you can choose from a few home phone plans, and the good news is that all of them offer unlimited local calling. The premium and middle plan also include some long-distance minutes in Canada and the USA, so for sure, they are going to be of help if you know you do this kind of call. They didn’t forget about calling features like caller id, voice mail, and more. You can choose up to 12.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Distributel’s website.

2. TekSavvy

TekSavvy is a well-known Canadian telecommunication company that is based in Chatham. It started its activity in 1998, and according to the Canadian Business Magazine’s Profit 100 list starting with 2008, they have been one of the fastest-growing companies. They have also won different prizes for the quality of the services they provide to their customers.

What services are offered by TekSavvy?

Internet : if you check the Internet plans from TekSavvy, you will see that you can choose from three offers. Their most popular one has a download speed of up to 75 Mbps, and you can easily connect 5 devices and stream movies or play online. If you are a heavy Internet user, then it is probably better to go for their 100 Mbps plan as downloads are going to be faster, and multiple users can be connected at the same time.

Television : with the TekSavvy TV plans, you can enjoy different kinds of content from the comfort of your home. Their offers are more custom, meaning that you can start with their basic package that has 25 channels and add on its different theme packages. Choose from news, lifestyle, sports, and more to create the right TV content plan that you want to have. It’s effortless and rewarding!

Home phone : if you have a lot of friends overseas or family that is not close to you, you want to choose the right phone plan. TekSavvy has some different options, and the basic one is great for somebody that doesn’t speak that often and needs basic calling features. If you need long-distance minutes, try their other plans as they are quite advantageous and also have more calling features included.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on TekSavvy’s website.

3. Xplornet

Xplornet is a Canadian telecommunication company, and it has its headquarters in Woodstock. It was founded in 2004, and by different acquisitions, it started to expand its list of services to Canadians. The company invested a lot in its technology to provide a better experience for its customers. They focus a lot on bringing new solutions, and this can be seen in their plans.

What services are offered by Xplornet?

Internet : if you check the internet packages from Xplornet you can see that they have Satellite offers and LTE (wireless broadband communication) plans. Although they don’t have very fast speed, their plans are more than enough for browsing the Internet, playing online games, and having a few devices connected. The plans that are offered can vary depending on the location.

Home phone : their home phone plans come as an addon basically to the internet packages. You get unlimited local calling and calling features that we all know are useful. Long Distance calls are included, but you need to go for one of the higher paid packages. By doing so, you get a certain number of minutes for North America that you can use as you want.

Note that Xplornet only offers Internet and home phone services. It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Xplornet’s website.

4. Primus

Primus is a big telecommunication company that has helped Canadians for more than 20 years. They first started as a local, long-distance call provider but now offer many more services. They are operating nationally and have different offices that help them assist their customers better. The company is investing a lot in its technology, and it is always looking for ways to improve their services.

What services are offered by Primus?

Internet : the Internet plans that Primus offers are diverse and can adapt to any kind of user. If you know you use your Internet a lot for downloading big data than their top plans should be your choice. Speeds go up to over 200 Mbps so there shouldn’t be any problems. If, generally speaking, you just use the Internet for light browsing or just watching videos, then for sure, the basic plans are more than enough.

Home phone : Primus brings some great home phone plans for its users. You get unlimited local calling no matter which one you choose together with certain calling features. If you need long-distance calls, then going for a more premium plan is going to help as rates are better, and you might even have some minutes included. So check that, so you know you are making the right choice.

Note that Primus only offers Internet and home phone services. It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Primus’s website.

5. VMedia

VMedia is a Canadian telecommunication company that has its headquarters in Toronto. It was launched in 2006, and now it has grown quite a lot. Their team of engineers actually developed their technology and app through which they offer services to their customers. They are known for thinking outside the box and a great support team.

What services are offered by VMedia?

Internet : their internet plans don’t have any term contracts, and you can choose from various download speeds. Users that need a fast connection can quickly go for the 150 Mbps or 300 Mbps plans. With them, you can download HD movies, have multiple devices connected, and send big data files. For more moderate internet usage, the basic plans with 25 Mbps or 30 Mbps should be enough.

Television : if you choose the TV packages from VMedia, you will be surprised by the diversity of channels that you get. The grand premium packages have a list of over 100 channels available, and on top of that, you can also add different theme packages that they created. Choose from Sport, Lifestyle, Family, and make your plan the way you need it.

Home phone : users that know they speak a lot both locally but also international will be happy to see the home phon plans from VMedia. The basic one offers unlimited calling within Canada and the USA, and if you choose their premium pack, you get unlimited calls to more than 60 countries. 15 calling features are also included, so for sure you are going to have a good experience with them.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on VMedia ‘s website.

Conclusion !

As we just had a look at 5 alternatives to Shaw and Telus in Chilliwack and Abbotsford, BC, now we know what some of the options that we can go for are. We just saw what telecommunication companies like Distributel, TekSavvy, Xplornet, Primus, and VMedia could offer to their users. Take all of the information into account when making your decision, and you should be a step closer to what you need.

Good to know

In Canada, the telecommunication industry has two types of provider. There are the direct suppliers, they are the owners of the lines. Among them, there are Rogers, Bell and Shaw, for instance. Then there are the resellers. They use direct provider lines to provide service to their customers. For the internet, the service you get between a direct and indirect provider is similar. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technologies that mostly translates to speed or TV options. If you opt for a reseller, you will have the visit of an installer of an owner company to connect your service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), to keep in mind!

It is important to note that although a business is available in a region, some addresses may not be covered unfortunately. Always check with an agent to confirm service availability.

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