5 Internet Service Providers in St. Catharines and Niagara, Ontario.

There are many reasons why changing your internet service provider can be needed. Sometimes we move out of space, and that leads to a lot of changes, or sometimes we need somebody else to help us with this service. Finding the right telecommunication providers in St. Catharines and Niagara, Ontario, is a matter of research and patience. We also made our list, and we discovered EBOX, Distributel, Cocego, Bell and Start.ca.

For sure, the question that comes to your mind now is ok, we found them, but how do you choose between them? The answer is that it depends, it depends from person to person. This is why in the following article, you will be able to check more details about each of them. It is going to be easier for you to make a choice and change your internet service provider.


EBOX is a company that offers telecommunication services in Ontario and Quebec. They have been active for more than 20 years, and their team is made of professionals that are ready to assist at any time. They claim that their growth and success are a result of their competitive pricing and the different services that they offer. So let’s have a closer look at them.

What services are offered by EBOX?

Internet : when you visit their site, you will see they have Cable packages and DSL packages. The DSL is an internet connection done using telephone lines; however, they are generally slower in terms of speed. The middle plans they offer have a download speed of around 15-30 Mbit/s, and this enough for somebody that plays online games or downloads a lot of data.

Home Phone : their Home Phone plans are quite helpful and can match different needs. For example, their more premium one is perfect for people that need long-distance as they have unlimited Canada, US, and other 72 countries’ availability. Features like caller id or voicemail can be found in any plan you decide to go with.

Note that EBOX only offers Internet and home phone services. 

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on EBOX’s website.

2. Distributel

Distributel was founded in 1988 by Mel Cohen and is one of the largest Canadian telecommunications companies. The first service that they offer to Canadians was Long Distance phone, but now they can give so much more. Because of certain acquisitions and merges, their team is friendly and helpful, and they are focused on offering the best experience.

What services are offered by Distributel?

Internet : in terms of Internet plans, Distributel has some great offers that any user is going to be happy with. Their basic plan has a download speed of 75 Mbps and unlimited monthly usage. This means that you can download movies or play online games. However, if you know that multiple devices are going to be connected to the Internet, it is better to go for a high-speed plan.

Television : if you like to watch TV, then you should know that Distributel has different plans that will surely meet your needs. Their premium pack, for example, has 100+ channels to watch, and you can even add your preferred channels. They have added ones that are nothing else than themed channels on categories like movies, music, science that you can get.

Home Phone : your home phone plan is essential, and choosing the right plans is a matter of how much you usually talk via phone. The plans that we saw on their site include all unlimited local calling, but if you want Long Distance minutes, you need to go for the middle or top one. They also have popular calling features like call waiting and voice mail that for sure is going to help you.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Distributel ‘s website.

Cogeco is a Canadian telecommunication company that was launched in the 50s and now is located in Montreal. They help residents and businesses by offering telecommunication services like cable TV, telephone, and internet connections. At the start, they entered only on the radio industry but soon switched to the cable television as well. They have made a lot of investments over the years to expand the amount of bandwidth available.

What services are offered by Cogeco?

Internet : Cogeco does an excellent job with their Internet packages as they are made for all kind of needs. If you are a light consumer and don’t use that often the Internet than you can go with their basic plans that have a download speed of up to 40 Mbps, if you like to stream online, play games or download music then the other plans will work for you as their max download speed goes to 1 Gbps.

Television : they offer some exciting plans for their TV services. The one that got our attention was the Mix & Watch that lets you create your package by adding the channels you love. You start with 25 primary channels and can add up to 40 more to the mix for the starter pack, and with the premium one, you can go 90 plus channels.

Home Phone : the basic home phone plant they offer has a standard fee for Long distance calling and unlimited local calling. It doesn’t include many calling features. This is why if you need calling features, it is better to go for the other plans as they have a few calling features together with unlimited Canada and USA calling.

4. Bell

Bell is a reliable Canadian telecommunication company that is located in Montreal. Bell Canada is part of the assets that are held by the BCE Inc company. BCE was ranked number 262 in the 2011 edition of Forbes Global 2000 list. The company has the name of the inventor of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell, and they offer premium telecommunication services.

What services are offered by Bell?

Internet : with Bell, you don’t have to worry about the download speed you get to your space. As their premium package has a download speed of 1.5 Gbps, you can imagine that the other ones can’t be bad at all. For light users, a basic plan is a great option that has a speed of 10 Mbps and is suitable for online browsing. A more middle plan has a speed of 150 Mbps, and it is better for users that play online or watch HD streaming.

Television : what is different with Bell is that you can also go for Satellite TV as they have plans for that as well. The standard one though offers 4K Whole Home PVR, so if your TV can handle that resolution, you will have some high images in your home. The basic plan has 30 plus channels, but if you need more content, there are always the rest of the plans.

Home Phone : for the home phone plans, they offer a few plans that are simple and affordable. If you know you need long-distance minutes, you need to check the costs of the region you need. There are a few options, and you add this to the basic home phone plan you have. The premium one offers unlimited long-distance calling to over 70 countries, for example.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Bell’s website.

5. Start.ca

Start.ca started back in the 90s and is the work of two friends that got the company to where it is today together with the team they developed. We are talking about Peter Rocca and Darryl Olthoff, two friends that went to college along and wanted to build their own tech company. They offer excellent telecommunication services, so let’s find out more.

What services are offered by Start.ca?

Internet : you will be happy to know that all the internet packages that Start.ca offers have unlimited monthly usage. The download speed varies from one plan to the other, and choosing one should be easy. If you don’t spend a lot of time on the Internet and when you do, you browse sites and watch Youtube go with the basic ones with speeds of 30-50 Mbps. If you work a lot and download data faster, speeds will be needed, and the 100 Mbps plan can do the trick.

Television : we all want to watch our favorite shows or sports in the comfort of our home. The TV plans offered by Start.ca are a good option. Their middle plan has a selection of 80 plus popular channels, including sports and movies. If this is not enough, their ultimate plan features 140 plus channels to satisfy all the diversity you need.

Home Phone : the home phone plans are very advantageous in terms of pricing and long-distance calls. The world plan has unlimited calling to 65 countries, and all plans come with appealing features like caller ID, call display, or call waiting. If you don’t speak that much over the phone, then the basic plan is going to be more than enough.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Start.ca’s

Conclusion !

In conclusion, the Internet service providers that we just checked, EBOX, Distributel, Cogeco, Bell and Start.ca are big names in this industry. All of them have certain advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you to choose what you think can help you.

Your Internet connection shouldn’t cause any kind of problem, so this is why it is essential to make sure you go with the best for you. Now you have enough details to be able to compare these 5 Internet service providers in St. Catharines and Niagara, Ontario.

Good to know​

In Canada, the telecommunication industry has two types of provider. There are the direct suppliers, they are the owners of the lines. Among them, there are Rogers, Bell and Shaw, for instance. Then there are the resellers. They use direct provider lines to provide service to their customers. For the internet, the service you get between a direct and indirect provider is similar. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technologies that mostly translates to speed or TV options. If you opt for a reseller, you will have the visit of an installer of an owner company to connect your service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), to keep in mind!

It is important to note that although a business is available in a region, some addresses may not be covered unfortunately. Always check with an agent to confirm service availability.

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