5 Best Kitchener Internet Providers | Alternatives to Rogers and Bell

It is quite common that when setting up to a new location, people need to also think about their telecommunication providers. Nobody wants to move to a house that hasn’t got all the systems in place, especially phones, the Internet and so on. So what do we do when we are in this situation and need to find a solution?

This is precisely what we are going to do find out today. We will explore five alternative Internet service providers to Rogers and Bell in Kitchener, Ontario, and this is Ebox, Distributel, Start.ca, Waterloo Wireless, Execulink. Indeed staying informed is essential, and one of the best ways to do so is by understanding who are the top players in a particular area. So let’s start!


EBOX is an independent telecommunication services provider that focuses on competitive pricing and devoted staff. They have more than 20 years of experience and over 90000 customers. The company has been growing a lot recently, and we can figure this because they have almost 500 employees. They are known for being efficient, reliable, and safe, so let’s see how they can help.

What services are offered by EBOX?

Internet : EBOX has multiple internet plans available. First of all, let’s separate them by the signal they use. The ADSL (signal is via telephone lines) plans are cheaper but have lower speeds, and the Cable (signal is via coaxial able) plans are a bit higher in cost but go faster. Their top Cable plan has a speed of 60 Mbit/s, and the ADSL one has 50 Mbit/s. Depending on how you use the Internet you can go for the right plan for you.

Home Phone : EBOX has a few phone plans that you might be interested in. All of them use Cable and DSL technology, meaning their telephone services need an internet connection. The basic one offers free calls between subscribers and some long-distance calls. It also includes features like Voicemail, calls waiting, and automatic call forward. The more premium plan was made for people that need to do a lot of long-distance calls.

Note that EBOX only offers Internet and home phone services. It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on EBOX’s website.

2. Distributel

Distributel is one of Canada’s leading independent telecommunications providers. It was launched in 1988, and it is one of the pioneers of this industry. At first, it was focused only on providing long-distance calls and now is a full-service telecommunications provider. They have offices across the country and continue to create new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to their clients.

What services are offered by Distributel?

Internet : the company has some options when we check their Internet plans. It’s important to know what kind of activities you usually do via Internet. If you like to play online games and watch movies, the basic one that has a speed of 75 Mbps is going to be enough. If you know, multiple users are going to be connected at the same time, and downloading movies might be one of the activities going for the 150 Mbps plan should be the choice.

Television : Distributel has some neat TV packages that you can choose from. If you like movies or sports then you need to know that you can select your add ons that contain channels on a specific subject. Their basic package has more than 30 channels included, and it’s a great way to start your one.

Home Phone : it’s good to know that Distributel also brings some good offers for their home phone services. They all feature unlimited local calling, and the main difference is in the minutes offered in Long Distance. There are also some cool features that any user is going to find useful like call waiting, voice mail, and more. Choosing the right plans depends on how many calls are done outside Canada.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Distributel ‘s website.

3. Start.ca

The mission of Start.ca is to be a people company, and it seems they are doing a great job at it. The business started when best friends Peter and Darryl were in college and wanted to create something of their own. Time proves that they managed to do it, and having so strong values as a company makes them one of the friendliest telecommunication service providers.

What services are offered by Start.ca?

Internet : their Internet plans have an exciting way of being structured, and that is by the number of persons that are going to use the connection. For example, their basic plan is ideal for three users and has a download speed of 30 Mbps. It’s for more moderate use like watching youtube, social media, or browsing websites. Their premium one is ideal for five or plus users and goes to 250 Mbps download speed.

Television : Start.ca claims to have the next generation of TV services. With their TV packages, you can record and watch later your favorite shows; you can create profiles for each member of the house and even watch on other devices using their app. The packages start with 40 channels and can go up to 140 plus channels.

Home Phone : the technology behind their phone services is known as VoIP. This means that the existing internet connection is going to be the source for the phone at better prices. The plans have features like call display, call waiting, and more and also include long-distance minutes. The middle one, for example, has unlimited calling within Canada and the United State.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Start.ca’s website.

4. Waterloo Wireless

Waterloo Wireless is an internet service provider in the southwestern Ontario region. They have been providing reliable internet connection since 2005. They saw an opportunity in rural areas and feel that these locations were not getting the best service. This is how the company started, today the Internet is important for the entire world, and they took charge to become a reliable provider.

What services are offered by Waterloo Wireless?

Internet : they have multiple package options to choose from, and it all depends on how you usually use your Internet connection. If you want to browse sites, watch movies and go on social media, the starter ones are the best. They have a speed of 5 Mb/s. If you want to download movies or games, the best plan they have offers a download speed of 25 Mb/S. So be aware of this when making your choice.

Note that Waterloo Wireless only offers Internet services. To know more about the availability of the service, don’t hesitate to contact them directly.

5. Execulink

Execulink has been active since 1904 and changed a lot during the decades. It started as a small independent local telephone company and became one of the leading telecommunications providers in Ontario. Using innovation, they began to offer better telecommunication services and now are one of the top leaders in this industry. Actually, they are reaching all kinds of customers from business, government, and residential.

What services are offered by Execulink?

Internet : for the internet plans, you can choose from Cable or DSL. DSL is the internet connection that uses telephone lines to get the signal to your home. They are usually slower in speed and are recommended for activities like social media, browsing sites, and so on. The Cable internet plans are faster in terms of speed and can reach 250 Mbps. It’s perfect for online gaming, multiple users, and download big data.

Television : it’s good to know that with Execlulink you can build your TV plan. Their starter one gives you local content, and over it, you can add your favorite channels. They have multiple themes already created, and you can choose from action movies to music, kids, and so on. It’s a matter of preferences, and you can get more than 100 channels if you want.

Home Phone : their home phone plans are not that diverse, and actually, it starts with a single package onto which you can add features or extra long-distance call minutes. The free features that you get are call display, call waiting, speed calling, automatic recall, and a few more. The long distance calls have a certain fee, and it depends on where you are planning to direct the calls.

It is possible to check the availability of the service directly on Execulink’s website.

Conclusion !

In conclusion choosing from the 5 alternative Internet service providers that we mentioned: Ebox, Distributel, Start.ca, Waterloo Wireless, and Execulink for Waterloo, Cambridge, and Ontario can be a bit tricky. Please don’t make a rash decision and take into account all the benefits that each provider has to offer.

Remember that offers change quite a lot, and it’s always best to see for yourself what the telecommunication service providers have to offer right now. After that, it should be a lot clearer on what you need to do.

Good to know

In Canada, the telecommunication industry has two types of provider. There are the direct suppliers, they are the owners of the lines. Among them, there are Rogers, Bell and Shaw, for instance. Then there are the resellers. They use direct provider lines to provide service to their customers. For the internet, the service you get between a direct and indirect provider is similar. That said, direct providers often offer more advanced technologies that mostly translates to speed or TV options. If you opt for a reseller, you will have the visit of an installer of an owner company to connect your service (Rogers, Bell or Shaw), to keep in mind!

It is important to note that although a business is available in a region, some addresses may not be covered unfortunately. Always check with an agent to confirm service availability.

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