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We heard you! You want to refer a great moving concierge to your clients, without sparing a fortune on it.

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What is a moving concierge?

MovingWaldo’s moving concierge is the perfect mix of technology and human interaction to take families through an efficient and economic move. Here’s how we help. 

Book movers
MovingWaldo's technology makes booking reliable movers at a great price an easy task! Get quotes from our partners and make the final choice. We also gather great deals on moving supplies and moving trucks.
Set up home services
Get help from our moving concierge and one-stop-shop platform to settle in. Shop for telecom, get insurance coverage, hook up utilities all in one place. Plus, we get exclusive offers!
Change your address all at once
Benefit from MovingWaldo's unique centralized change of address service. Notify up to 700 private and public organizations of your new address in a few clicks.
Ask us anything
How much will energy cost at my new address? Where's the nearest drug store? Do I need a permit to park my moving truck? Our moving concierge are here to answer all your questions.

120,000 people have used Canada’s #1 Moving App.

MovingWaldo is Canada’s most used moving app. Every day, we help hundreds of Canadians tackle moving related tasks such as finding movers, setting-up telecom, transferring utilities, updating their address and more. Our moving app is not just a comparator or a checklist, it actually does the work for your clients! And yes, we also have real human moving concierges to assist your clients.

Check out MovingWaldo’s reviews, it speaks for itself.

Why are you free when your competitors charge me?

MovingWaldo gets a lot of traction from people moving. Hence, we are able to negotiate commissions from service providers on the platform. For instance, if your client uses MovingWaldo to shop for home Internet and books a great deal with us, we will get a commission from the service providers. We think it is a win-win-win solution!

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In the meantime, check out MovingWaldo’s reviews, it speaks for itself.