10 Tips for Hosting a Memorable Housewarming Party

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment and want to throw a housewarming party your friends won’t soon forget, we’ve got tips and advice for an epic evening that won’t strain relations with your owner and neighbours.


1. Invite the right people

To make sure your party goes the way you want it to, start by inviting your close friends. Choose people you want to share the moment with and who are likely to get along. Remember: quality over quantity.

2. Let your neighbours know — or invite them

Letting your neighbours know is a crucial step in the party planning process. You can even offer them a little gift, like chocolates or homemade cookies, to make up for the disturbance in advance. The best way to start off a new relationship with neighbours is to show them that you respect the building and the people in it. Tell them that they should feel free to come and knock if the party really gets too loud. You could invite them to join you for a drink!

3. Party-proof your apartment

The day of the event, get your apartment ready for the party. Put away any dangerous or fragile objects. Create a few different spots where people can sit and talk, clear an area for dancing (you never know!), and set up a drinks table with everything you need.

Be sure to have tables and flat surfaces scattered throughout the apartment for food and so people can put down their drinks. If you have pets, spare them the stress of the party by putting them in a secluded room with their food, water, bed, and litter box.

If you feel like decorating, do! We always recommend simple, eco-friendly touches that will embellish your space, rather than mask it. After all, people want to see what you’ve done to make your apartment your own.

4. If you have a yard or a patio, use it!

If your apartment comes with outdoor space, share it! You’ll have more space and you’ll get to enjoy the nice weather. Plan to have lighting, like candles or Christmas lights. And if you’re allowed to and have the necessary equipment, why not end the evening around a fire?

5. For the food, keep it simple and practical

A housewarming party is a chance to have fun with your friends in your new apartment, not spend the evening over a stove. So keep it simple: make it a potluck or have people bring things to cook on the BBQ.

Having food that you can eat standing up without plates or cutlery, like small appetizers, chips, hot dogs, and sandwiches, can really simplify a meal. Also, try to avoid having too many things you need to heat up, especially if you plan on staying inside. Otherwise you’ll find yourself spending too much time in front of a hot stove and in the summer, that can get pretty uncomfortable!

If you need dishes or cutlery, there are plenty of good reusable plastic items out there. They’re handy and better for the environment than the throw‑away kind. Same thing goes for glasses. You could ask around to see if anyone has some you could borrow.


6. Prepare games and activities

A good way to create a warm and welcoming vibe is to plan games and activities. You could give a funny tour of your new digs, have your guests go on a treasure hunt that takes them through all the rooms, or set up a karaoke machine or a photo booth. If there’s a yard, you could play croquet, dodgeball, or even tag!

7. Come up with a fun theme for the evening

If you like parties with a bit of a twist, why not have a theme party? Nothing too elaborate that will cost your guests a fortune, just something to set the mood. You could give each room a funny name, prepare special dishes, come up with games or activities to match the theme, decorate—whatever suits your mood. Beach party, garden party, an evening in Westeros, a night on the Riviera…just use your imagination and have fun!

8. Make a playlist

As everyone knows, music sets the mood at any party. So make playlists in advance. You could even make a couple different ones, for different parts of the evening: one for dancing, one for background music while you eat, one for philosophical discussions, one for the fire…

A week or two before the party, text your friends or send out a call on social media asking for suggestions and playlists.


9. Make sure everyone has a safe way to get home

To make sure everyone gets home safely, make a list of the numbers for taxi companies and designated driver services like Tolérance zero and Point limite. Some of your guests may also be willing to volunteer as designated drivers.

If you have the space, you could even set up a room, sofa, or mattress for friends who may need to spend the night. Tell them to bring their sleeping bags, tents, or even suggest they just sleep outside if it’s a nice warm evening. You can cook up a big breakfast in the morning to send everyone off in style.

10. Check your tenant insurance

Planning a housewarming party (and a move) is also a good excuse to make sure you’re covered as a renter. Check to see if you’re insured for the types of things that could happen during your party, like someone falling or damaging a neighbour’s property.

If you don’t have insurance, you should. Your landlord’s insurance on the building doesn’t cover your personal property or your civil liability. That’s why tenant insurance is so important.


That’s it! Now you’re ready to throw the party of the year. Remember: the important thing is to have fun and stay safe.

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