Best 5 Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul in Windsor, Ontario

If you’re planning a house move in Windsor but want to avoid U-Haul, read on. We’ve researched truck rental companies in the Windsor area and have done all of the hard work for you! Read on to find 5 alternative recommendations that can help with a successful house move.

truck rental in windsor

Enterprise truck rental in Windsor,

Honest, reliable and renowned.

Enterprise truck rental is well-known throughout the world. Their logo and coloring has a real presence and you know that you’re using a reliable company if you choose to rent a truck from them.


You can hire vehicles for a day, a week or a month or more with Enterprise.  Enterprise has: pickups, cargo vans and trucks of all sizes.

Rental Price

  • ½ ton pickup truck starting from $57.73/day
  • 16’ Cube van starting from $340.23/day


  • Google 3.7/5

This rating was based on 3 reviews.

There are loads of Enterprise locations nationally but they don’t offer one-way rentals. There is one branch in Windsor.

Browse Enterprise truck rental to see what they offer.
Telephone Number: 519-250-9362

Inclusions and Exclusions

The above prices include 200km free, $0.20-0.25 for each additional km thereafter. Free pick up and 24h roadside assistance is usually included in the price. There isn’t a one-way rental option, however and waivers aren’t included in your quote.


  • World-famous brand
  • Great variety of trucks


  • Not many reviews and a low rating

Pattyco Rentals in Windsor,

Local and loyal.

A locally owned car and truck rental company that really puts the customer first. PattyCo has great fleets and always listen to customers’ ideas for improvement.


They offer a complete range of cars trucks and vans.

Rental Price

Their website does not contain any prices but they do state that they are competitive. To get a quote you need to call them directly, visit their branch or fill in their online form.


  • Google: 3.8/5

Google’s rating is based on 19 reviews.

This is a local business and so they have one location in Windsor.

Visit PattyCo for more information.
Telephone Number: 519-966-7070

Inclusions and Exclusions

They offer free local pick up and return.  


  • A local company
  • Well-presented website


  • No prices on the website

Discount Truck Rental,

The right moving truck for your rental needs. Count on Discount!

Discount Truck Rental has great prices – its name gives that away! The company has been established for almost 40 years and is Canadian born and bred. There are now more than 300 locations in the country!


There is a huge range of trucks for rent with Discount. Everything from pickups to long trucks are available here!

Rental Price

  • Cargo van from $46.71/day
  • 16’ cube truck from $58.01/day


  • Google: 3.4/5
  • Google: 3.7/5

Google’s first rating is based on 25 reviews and is about the branch located on 1362 Tecumseh Rd E. The second is based on 73 reviews and is about the branch on 2565 Dougall Ave.

Discount Truck Rental has over 300 locations nationwide, including 3 in Windsor. 

Visit Discount Truck Rental to find your nearest location or to have an online quotation.
Telephone number: 519-972-7559

Inclusions and Exclusions

Discount offer unlimited kilometers. Collision Damage Waivers are usually included with Discount’s rentals although fuel is not.


  • Over 300 locations nationwide
  • Canadian company
  • One-way rentals
  • Wide-range of vehicles


  • Some locations don’t hire trucks, it isn’t obvious from their website which ones do and don’t

Ryder Truck Rentals in Windsor,

See the difference...

Ryder is an old company! In fact, there weren’t even that many trucks around back in the 1930s when Jim Ryder came up with the business idea! These days, Ryder has possibly the largest fleet in Canada.


Ryder offers cube vans between 16’ and 18’ and straight trucks of 20’ and 26’ as well as other types of vehicle.

Rental Price

  • Panel truck $250/day
  • Panel truck $1250/week
  • 12-14’ parcel truck $375/day
  • 12-14’ parcel truck $1875/week


  • Google: 4.1/5

Google’s rating is based on 10 reviews.

There are over 800 locations across the whole of the North American continent.  There is one branch in Windsor. 

Visit the Ryder for more information.
Telephone number: 519-737-1987

Inclusions and Exclusions

Ryder calculate their rental periods by calendar days so it can work out more expensive to return your vehicle the following morning. Also, there are compulsory additions added onto your quotation. These are damage cover and liability cover. This adds approximately $33 per day to your fee. Kilometres are charged at $0.23 each.


  • Well-known company
  • Lots of locations
  • Quick check-in and check-out


  • Days are calculated by calendar dates, not by 24-hour periods, which can change the pricing
  • Compulsory additions to pricing mean that you don’t pay what you first see.

Penske Truck Rental,

Move happy with Penske.

Penske is a really well-known brand that has tons of experience helping people move their stuff. They’ve been doing this job since 1969!


This company offers a great variety – you can rent a cargo van or a cube truck. The cube trucks available are between 12’ and 26’ in length.


  • Google: 4.3/5

Google’s rating is based on just seven reviews. 

Rental Price

  • Panel van from $29.99/day
  • 16’ cube van from $29.99/day
  • 18’ truck from $199.99/day
  • 26’ truck from $199.99/day

The quoted price doesn’t include mileage so you need to add and extra $0.79/km (or $0.99/km for the larger trucks).  Penske also charge separately for the environmental fee and licensing fee. If you’re a CAA member, you get 12% off.

There are two locations in Windsor, one on Halford Drive and one on Fourth Street.

Visit Penske for more information.
Telephone number: 519-250-7448

Inclusions and Exclusions

With Penske, you need to pay a security deposit and taxes on top of the quotation prices. Roadside assistance is usually included. The truck needs to be in the same condition on its return i.e. with the same level of fuel.    


  • An amazing price
  • Easy to navigate
  • New trucks
  • Breakdown assistance


  • Pricing isn’t very clear


If you’re wanting to avoid U-Haul, whatever your reasons, we’ve chosen 5 alternative companies in Windsor for your truck rental. There is lots of competition in the Victoria area so it’s definitely worth shopping around to get the best price!

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