Best 5 Moving Truck Rental Alternatives to U-Haul in Winnipeg

We’ve all heard of U-Haul.  But what if you’re wanting an alternative truck rental company in the Winnipeg area? Today, we’re going to look at some of U-Haul’s rivals in the Winnipeg truck rental business, bringing you some local and national alternatives to the big one that everyone’s heard of.

winnipeg moving truck

Calmont Winnipeg Moving Truck Rental,

Individual customer needs are paramount.

Calmont Leasing has been established in Winnipeg for the last 15 years but has been operating elsewhere since 1977!


Calmont offers lots of transport solutions ranging from cars and SUVs to vans and light-duty trucks.  They also lease medium duty trucks up to 24’ trucks and heavy duty vehicles too.

Rental Price

  • No available prices online

It wasn’t possible to find prices on their website so please contact the company directly to find a quote.


  • Google: 4.9/5

Google reviews are extremely positive. However, this was only based on seven reviews.

There are three locations of Calmont with the other two at Calgary and Edmonton.

Visit Calmont to find your nearest location.
Telephone Number: 888-448-7564

Inclusions and Exclusions

Unfortunately, there wasn’t information available as to what they include or exclude with their rental vehicles. The best solution is to give them a call and negotiate!


  • Great customer reviews online.


  • No information about pricing and exclusions/inclusions online.
  • Must call in to have information.

Discount Winnipeg Truck Rental,

The right moving truck for your rental needs. Count on Discount!

Discount Truck Rental advertises low prices on one day rentals with unlimited kilometers. They were first established in 1980 and are proud to be a Canadian-owned company. They now have over 300 locations nationwide!


Discount Rental offer everything from half-ton pickup trucks right through to 26’ trucks!

Rental Price

We could not find information on pricing very easily.  Every vehicle we tried to find an online quotation for was not available, even if we changed our selected dates. However, they did say to telephone their office so it could be a website issue rather than a vehicle supply issue.


  • Google: 5/5

There weren’t many reviews for this branch of Discount Rental so this was based on just one review.

Discount Truck Rental have over 300 locations nationwide.

Visit Discount to find your nearest location or to have an online quotation.

Telephone: 204-287-8002

Inclusions and Exclusions

Collision Damage Waivers are usually included with Discount’s rentals although fuel is not.


  • Over 300 locations nationwide
  • Canadian company
  • One-way rentals
  • Wide-range of vehicles


  • No availability online at our attempts for a quotation

Ryder Winnipeg Moving Truck Rental,

It’s “Even Better”.

Jim Ryder started his business in 1933 with nothing more than his trusty Ford truck. It’s safe to say that the business has come a long way since then.  They now have one of the largest truck fleets in North America!


Ryder has pretty much every kind of truck you’ll need for moving home and they’re all recent models too.  From trailers to vans, they guarantee their trucks’ availability with flexible coverage options.

Rental Price

  • $112.95/day for a 16’ Cube Truck

Ryder offer weekly rates at $564.75 for this vehicle too.


  • Google: 4.1/5

Ryder have pleasing reviews in Winnipeg. This figure is based on 28 Google reviews.

Ryder has over 800 locations across North America!

Visit Ryder to find your nearest location.
Telephone Number: 204-633-4843

Inclusions and Exclusions

Daily rates are calculated by calendar days, not 24-hour periods.  Be careful that this doesn’t catch you out! Damage coverage and liability coverage are not included in their quote prices but are compulsory additions. The most basic costs of both of these are $17/day and $16/day respectively.


  • Pricing is easily available online
  • Well-known company
  • Lots of locations
  • Quick check-in and check-out


  • Days are calculated by calendar dates, not by 24-hour periods, which can change the pricing

Beaver Winnipeg Truck Center,

The solution to meet your needs.

Beaver Truck Center has been run since 1996 by Barry Searcy.  Since then, it has grown hugely in size and capacity, adopting the name Beaver Truck Center in 2004 in honor of the firm’s Canadian roots.


Beaver Truck Center offer trucks ranging from 18’ to 24’ trucks and some with day cabs and sleepers too! They also offer guaranteed reservations.

Rental Price

Contact the center directly for a quotation.  There was no pricing information on their website.


  • Facebook: 4/5
  • Google: 3.6/5

Google’s reviews are based on a count of 99 whereas Facebook reviews are less at a count of 34 reviews.

Beaver Truck Rentals have two locations, one in Winnipeg and the other in Brandon.

Visit Beaver Truck Center for more information.
Telephone: 204-632-9100

Inclusions and Exclusions

There are no added repair costs, with the exception of a collision.  If something goes wrong with the truck, they will do everything they can to fix it and fast.


  • Local, Winnipeg-created company
  • Their own truck repair center


  • No online quotation available

Enterprise Winnipeg Truck Rental,

The right trucks, right when you need them.

Enterprise Truck Rental has long been an established contender in the truck rental business.


Enterprise off vehicles that can be hired per day, per week, or per month.  You can choose from between ¾-ton pickup trucks, cargo vans, straight trucks as well as stake-bed trucks between 16’-26’.

Rental Price

Our research found no prices online for Winnipeg rentals.  To have a quote, you need to telephone Enterprise in Winnipeg directly.


  • Yelp: 5/5
  • Moving101: 5/5

Such amazing reviews! Sadly, they’re not in the hundreds!

There are two locations in Winnipeg and hundreds of others nationwide.

Visit Enterprise Truck Rental to find your nearest location.
Telephone Number: (204)478-5696

Inclusions and Exclusions

Enterprise’s rental includes 24-hour assistance and free pick-up. Enterprise don’t offer one-way rentals.  It doesn’t include damage and loss waivers either.


  • A great selection of trucks
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Free pick-up
  • Amazing reviews


  • No one-way moves


Whether you’re moving home or just wanting to shift some stuff, these truck rental companies in Winnipeg range from the small and local to the nationals and even international.  They are all alternatives to U-Haul that will be sure to meet your requirements for a competitive price too.

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